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Capital for new venture

I sold my business a couple of years before I met my Financial Planner at Kelsall Steele Investment Services. He created a financial plan to bring order and coordination to my affairs, so that I could focus on developing my new business venture. Read More

Bank of Mum and Dad

Although our son had a stable job and a decent income, my wife and I wanted to help him onto the first rung of the housing ladder. We needed advice on the best way to access funding to help him buy a flat in London. Thanks to the team at Kelsall Steele Investment Services, everything is taken care of without negatively impacting our retirement goals. Read More

Understanding my SIPP

I was confused about my original pension investments. The discussions I was having with the insurance company who originally set up my plan didn’t seem to be going anywhere. My Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) included the building where I ran my medical practice, however there didn’t seem to be any reasoning behind this. Read More

Tidying up my pensions

I wanted to retire soon but my pensions were scattered all over the place. I realised I needed financial advice but I was reluctant to trust a stranger with my financial affairs. After years of running my own painting and decorating business, I was looking forward to retirement. Read More

Understanding our IHT Liability

We wanted to get our finances in order so we would have peace of mind about the security of our future, for both ourselves and our children. Once we reached our early eighties we became anxious about potentially leaving our children with a large inheritance tax bill. Read More

Supporting our employees

We needed to know if we were providing the best retirement options for our employees, so it was paramount for us to access the best financial advice and corporate planning services possible. We employ 100 people at our printing company. Read More