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I sold my business a couple of years before I met my Financial Planner at Kelsall Steele Investment Services. He created a financial plan to bring order and coordination to my affairs, so that I could focus on developing my new business venture.

Whilst my Financial Planner had worked hard to set up my new financial plan, it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to implement.

Unfortunately when I sold my first business, I was advised by my bank manager to invest in fixed term and structured deposits. In short, I was unable to access my money and I was in need of liquidity for my new endeavour. I was stuck!

Luckily, as part of my new financial plan, my Financial Planner had reorganised my pension pot, which meant that some of my assets were accessible via this structure.

Shortly after putting this in place, we received the details of one of my structured products from the bank. My planner was then able to custody the plan and lend against it. This allowed me to reinvest the money, increasing both my asset diversification and ability to access funds.

This was an innovative solution that I never thought would be possible. It allowed me to access much needed capital to invest in the business, getting around the hurdle of having my cash tied up with the bank.

My new venture is going extremely well. I know if I need any further cash for my business, I can easily access the funds thanks to the advice and guidance I received from Kelsall Steele Investment Services.

When the structured products and fixed deposits that I placed with my bank mature, I know I’ll be asking my Kelsall Steele Investment Services Financial Planner to deal with the proceeds.

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"I’m so pleased we’ve been able to secure a less costly and more tax efficient source of lending. Kelsall Steele Investment Services explored every option and came up with a solution genuinely customised to our specific needs.” Truro, Corporate Client

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